City guide Ystad: 7 must-sees for Wallander fans

Ystad city guide. 44 movies and four tv-series, including a BBC-production, based on Henning Mankell’s Wallander crime stories have not just put Ystad on the map as an international tourist destination. It’s turned the entire costal town into a movie set. We list seven great Wallander spots in Ystad that you’ll probably recognize.

Ystad city guide – a guide to Wallander’s home town
Mariagatan 10

Mariagatan 10 is Kurt Wallander’s home in the books, and the first 13 movies were filmed here.

After that, due to technical reasons, another house just across the cobbled street was used for the exterior. The interior of Wallander’s home was built and filmed at Ystad Studios, where it’s still on display, along with his living room, kitchen and office. 

In some of the movies with Rolf Lassgård as Wallander, a house on Västra Vallgatan was used, while the BBC wanted a 1970s feel, and choose a house on Beijersgatan.

Image: Ystad Studios.
The police stations

The police station in the books is the same as the real Ystad police station, located on Kristianstadsvägen 51. In the movies, three locations have been used. In the first 13 movies, the interior of the police station was built and filmed at Ystad Studios. A building in the old regimental area nearby was used for the exterior. For the BBC production, a 500 square meter police station was built on top of Ystad Studios. In the movies with Christer Henriksson as Wallander, Stationen Bed & Breakfast at the old Ystad railway station, served as police station.

Fridolfs konditori

Fancy something sweet? At Wallander’s favorite café, where the troubled investigator often eats his breakfast, you can order a Wallander cake. 

This cream cake is covered in blue marzipan, a reference to the color of the Swedish police uniform. Wallander himself, however, usually has a herring sandwich. 

Whatever snack you choose, the classic café is a perfect spot to rest your feet and watch Ystad life go by.

Image: Stationen Bed & Breakfast.
Stationen Bed & Breakfast

Would you like to sleep in an interrogation room? Stationen Bed & Breakfast occupies the second floor of Ystad’s old railway station. This is where 13 Wallander movies were recorded in 2009. The bed and breakfast closed during the production, but now you can book The Interrogation room, The prosecutor’s office or, of course, Wallander’s office for your stay. High ceilings and exposed brick walls and rafters give the place an elegant charm.

Image: Mickaël Delcey

The historic Stortorget, a big square in the city center, features in many of the Wallander movies. Here, you find the bookshop Wallander frequently visits as well as Lotta’s restaurant, where he sometimes eats with colleagues. The square has also been the set of two dramatic hostage-takings and one explosion.

Ystad monastery

Ystad Monastery was built in 1267 and is one of the oldest, most well-preserved medieval monasteries in Sweden. Today, it’s also home to the city museum of Ystad. In the Wallander movie Cellisten from 2009, it serves as a Russian orthodox church.

Image: Jorchr via Wikimedia Commons.
Ales stenar

Ales stenar is a ship barrow monument, a formation of stones resembling the shape of a ship, dating from the Iron Age. This spot just outside Ystad, with views of the Baltic Sea, is Wallander’s favorite place for contemplation and he often comes here to have a quiet moment by himself. Bild: Jorchr.

Take the tour

Would you like to experience Ystad while solving a murder? The Wallander Ystad walking tour is based on Henning Mankell’s short story The Death of the Photographer. The one-and-a-half-hour self-guided audio tour takes you through Ystad where you map out the whereabouts of the suspect, collect clues and gather evidence – until it becomes clear who the murderer is. Please note that the Wallander tour of Ystad is currently only available in Swedish. It will soon be localized to English.

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