Explore the University murder of 1829

A self-guided audio walking tour through Lund, based on the true story of Locus Peccatorum

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1.5 hour(s)
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En bild på Locus Peccatorum i svartvitt
A closeup of a man's hand holding a smartphone. On the screen, an animated character is visible
The Lund Cathedral at sunset
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an old, yellowed document and a photograph of a Lund city street in the early 1900's

Read this in — English, Svenska

This tour is not available in Deutsch

Read this in — English, Svenska

This tour is not available in Deutsch


The Locus Peccatorum - House of Sins tour starts here.


Make a stop here to see what Lund used to look like a hundred years ago.


This area is one of the best preserved historical areas in Lund.

Locus Peccatorum - House of Sins

Visit the scene of the crime and find out what happened on that fateful night in 1829.


Visit the Lundagård park and solve a puzzle that reveals what it looked like before 1897.


The hospital to which the murdered young man was brought was located here.


This street is of historic importance to Lund. Stop here to listen to what happened at the murder trial.

"The Little Square"

Visit the area where the victim lived, and view the official record of the few possesions he left behind.


Make a stop close to the location where the perpetrator spent the evening of the murder.

Tegnérsplatsen, outside Kulturen museum

This is where the tour ends and where you'll listen to the last part of the story.

Locations you'll visit on this tour:

  • Stortorget city square
  • The culture quadrant
  • Locus Peccatorum
  • Lundagård
  • Kurhuset
  • The Wickman estate
  • Lund's Cathedral
  • Kulturen
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