The Headless Horseman in Bergen

 Explore Bergen with a city exploration game based on a classic short story

2.9 km
Start location
Fisketorget square
End location
Festplassen square
1.5 hour(s)
Age rating

79 kr

Read this in — English, Svenska

This tour is not available in Deutsch

Read this in — English, Svenska

This tour is not available in Deutsch

Fisketorget square

There has been a fishmarket square by the waterfront in Bergen since the 1200’s, but it’s only been in this exact location since the 1920’s.

Ichabod's home

Do you see the golden lion on the red plinth by the stairs? It is the marker for where Bergen’s centre point once was. King Christian II’s mistress lived at this address in the 1500’s.

Ichabod's school

The Christi Krybber schools consists of two yellow stone and mortar buildings. The one to the right was built in 1740, and is the oldest school building still in use in Bergen.


Can you spot the farmer holding the axe on the red facade? It is a marker for Bugården, a farm built here in the 1300’s. Most of it burned down in the disastrous 1955 harbour fire.

Behind Bryggestredet

Below you is Bryggestredet and restaurant Tracteursted. It is said that a local apprentice, who died there from a cruel punishment in the 1700’s, still haunts the restaurant.


Vetrlidsallmenningen is a part of Bergen’s historical centre from mediaeval times. Archeologists have also found remnants of viking age settlements here.

Bergen cathedral

Across the road from here is the Bergen Cathedral. The original church was built in the 1100’s, but the church you see today was mainly constructed in the late 1600’s to early 1700’s.


Molløesmauet was named after Andreas Molløe, who donated his house here to the church in 1764. The word “smauet” means “alleyway” in local Bergen dialect.

St. Jørgen's church

The St. Jørgen church is connected to the St. Jørgen hospital museum to the right. The hospital treated leprosy patients, and a local doctor discovered the cause of leprosy here in 1873.


This area is called Marken. It was farmland for the Nonneseter convent in the 1200’s, but was redeveloped into an urban area and a part of Bergen in the 1500’s.

Festplassen square

Lille Lungegårdsvannet was named after an estate owned by councilman Vincens Lunge in 1528. Independence day on 17:th of May is celebrated in this square every year.

Locations you'll visit on this tour:

  • The Fishmarket square
  • The Bryggen harbour area - which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • The Former center point of Bergen
  • A lookout point at Vetrlidsallmenningen
  • Bergen Cathedral
  • The St. Jørgen church and Leprosy Hospital Museum
  • Festplassen square - in close proximity to several museums and the Grieg concert hall.
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