Explore the Visby witch trials

Step into a true story from 1705 with this self-guided walking tour

2 km
Start location
Övre Finngränd 1
End location
Kajsarn prison tower
1.5 hour(s)
Age rating

99 kr

Read this in — English, Svenska

This tour is not available in Deutsch

Read this in — English, Svenska

This tour is not available in Deutsch

Övre Finngränd

The walking tour starts here.


Make a quick stop here to take a look at some pictures of what this area looked like 200 years ago.

Ingeborg's cottage

Visit Ingeborg's cottage and learn more about the tools she used for healing.

Lookout point by Sankta Maria cathedral

Make a stop here to compare the past and present.

St: Clemens

When you visit St: Clemens you will hear more about the rumors of treasure buried here.

Kruttornet "Gun powder tower"

Visit the prison tower where Ingeborg was held captive, and examine some forgotten objects.

The family Strijds house

Make a stop at the location where the family Strijds' house was once located. Help your guide to puzzle an old letter together.

The Lindgården Inn

This inn was where the trials against the women took place, stop here to experience what they were like.

Stora torget - the main square

By the main square you will be able to eavesdrop to people gossiping about the accused women.


Take a short break at Knägränd and listen to your guide making a big reveal.

The Kajsarn prison tower

This is where the walking tour ends, by the museum where you can visit Ingeborg's cell.

Locations you'll visit on this tour:

  • Klinten
  • The Sankta Maria cathedral
  • St: Clemens
  • Kruttornet "Gun powder tower"
  • The Lindgården Inn
  • Stora torget - the main square
  • S:ta Katarina ruin
  • Kajsarn prison tower
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