Ghosts and Ghouls of Old Town

Explore the dark side of Stockholm with a chilling walking tour game

2 km
Start location
End location
Birger Jarls torg
1 hour(s)
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79 kr

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Read this in — English, Svenska

This tour is not available in Deutsch


You are standing in the middle of Old town, Stockholm's historical center. Solgränd (Sun alley) is named after an old tavern (Solen) which used to be here.

Stortorget square

Stortorget was once Stockholm's epicenter, but it was also at the center of a tragedy. Around 100 people were executed at this square during the Stockholm bloodbath in 1520.

Fimmelstången tavern

This house was built in 1673, and a tavern called Fimmelstången opened here shortly thereafter. A bard named Lasse Lucidor was killed at the tavern when he challenged a friend to a duel.


A home for the sick and poor called Själagården (Soul's yard) was located here 1420-1530. The building was torn down, but parts of it still remain in the basement of the current building.

The Royal Palace

Stockholm's Royal Palace has been in this location since the 1200's. The current palace was built in the 1700's after the original building burned down.

Norrbro execution site

One of Stockholm's oldest execution sites was once located here. Insurgents were beheaded in this location in the 1280's by King Magnus Ladulås.


Legend says that the folklore creature Näcken once showed himself to King Karl IX in the water below the Royal Palace. The king supposedly try to shoot Näcken.


This was once called Helvetesgränd (Hell's alley), because the area north of a church, where criminals were buried, was referred to as "Hell". This is also were the executioner lived.

Riddarholmen church

The Riddarholmen church is Stockholm's oldest preserved building, inaugurated ca 1300. All of Sweden's regents (except for Queen Kristina) from 1631-1950 are buried here.

Former parliament building

The oldest parts of this building are preserved from the Franciscan monastery that was here in the 1200's. This building has been used as a hospital, prison, school, and parliament.

Locations you'll visit on this tour:

  • Stortorget square, where the Stockholm bloodbath took place.
  • The alley previously known as "Hell alley", where the city executioner lived.
  • The location of the Fimmelstången Inn, where Lasse Lucidor was killed in the 1600's.
  • They Royal Palace, which is said to be haunted by the White Lady and the Grey Man.
  • The execution site at Norrbro.
  • The Riddarholmen church, where many of Sweden's former regents are buried.
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