The Headless Horseman in London

 Explore Primrose Hill and Camden with a city exploration game based on a classic short story

2.9 km
Start location
Chalk Farm tube station
End location
Camden Town tube station
1.5 hour(s)
Age rating

79 kr

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Read this in — English, Svenska

This tour is not available in Deutsch

Chalk Farm tube station

The Chalk Farm area was originally known as the Manor of Rugmere, an estate referenced in writing as far back as 1086. A part of it was purchased by King Henry VIII in the 1500’s.

Ichabod's home

You are now in the Primrose Hill area. It was built as a London suburb in the early- to mid-1800’s, on the fields below the hill itself. Primrose Hill also borders Regent's canal.

Ichabod's school

The families living in the Primrose Hill area in the 1800’s were described by a contemporary sociologist as “lower middle class to upper middle and upper class".

Primrose Hill park

The Primrose Hill park was part of King Henry VIII’s hunting grounds area in the 1500’s. The hill was “swallowed” by London as the city expanded and in the 1800’s it became a public park.

The Princess of Wales pub

You are standing outside The Princess of Wales pub, thought to have been named for the wedding of Princess Alexandra to Edward VII. Locals called the pub “the ess’s” for a long time.

Regent's Canal towpath

The little black door to your left is an access point to the Camden catacombs - an underground system of tunnels used as stables for horses that pulled railway wagons in the 1800’s.

The Arlington House

Arlington House is the only building left in the Rowton chain of hostels for working men. George Orwell stayed in one of them in the 1930’s when he wrote Down and Out in Paris and London.

The World's End pub

This pub is said to be haunted by Mother Damnable, a woman who the locals believed was a witch, and who lived in a hut in the same location as where The World’s End stands today.

Trinity Church Camden

The Trinity United Reformed Church was first known as the Ebenezer Chapel in the 1800’s, and has been repaired, rebuilt and renamed several times throughout the years.

The Elephant's Head pub

You can find several elephants in Camden if you know where to look. There is also the Elephant House, the former Elephant’s row, and of course the Camden borough coat of arms.

Camden Town tube station

You are standing across from the Camden Town tube station, which was opened in 1907. More than 20 million journeys start or end here each year.

Locations you'll visit on this tour:

  • Primrose Hill Park
  • The Regent's Canal towpath
  • Camden High Street
  • The Haunted World's End Pub
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