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Would you like to solve crime with Sherlock or trace the footsteps of Doktor Glas through Stockholm?  Check out our selections of tours!

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How it works:

Go to the tour’s location and launch the story.

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We offer a tourism experience where books, films and other stories come to life, turning the world around us into a playground for the imagination.

Imagine solving crimes with Sherlock Holmes in London, exploring the deep sea with The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, or stepping into Kafka’s Prague. You can read, listen to audio tracks, solve puzzles, play with augmented reality effects, and share your experience on social media.  Through the app you will be able to find out what your favorite fictional place looks, tastes, smells and sounds like.

Join us, and step into the story with StoryTourist!

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Sherlock Holmes – the father of modern forensics​

Many investigative methods, such as the analysis of ashes, mud and gunpowder appeared in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books about Sherlock Holmes before they were used in criminal investigations. What’s…