StoryTour Creators

We collaborate with some very creative people. Together, we create the most exciting StoryTour experiences. These creators bring different perspectives and areas of expertise to the table, and most are local to the area of their tours. That way, we can make sure that you will always get the inside scoop on exciting locations and local lore.

Claudia sjöbeck

Claudia is a game design student and local to both Malmö and Visby. She likes her StoryTours to include meaningful game elements and creative storytelling.

StoryTours written by Claudia:

Felicia Welander

Felicia is a writer and published author, located in Stockholm. She expertly combines a juicy love story with some really interesting local history.

StoryTours written by Felicia:

Photo: Sofia Åkerstedt Rosendahl
A portrait image of Marie Metso, who is standing in a clearing in the woods. She is wearing a beret and smiling at the camera.
Photo: Philip Olofsson

marie Metso

Marie is a writer and school librarian based in Malmö. She always has her facts straight, drinks copious amounts of tea and enjoys telling a good story.

StoryTours written by Marie:

Myrna moström

Myrna is a writer and ethnologist with a special interest in women’s history and folklore. She is living in Stockholm and is passionate about finding the true story of every location.

StoryTours written by Myrna:

Ett foto av Myrna Moström där hon lutar sig mot ett fönster högt ovanför marken. Utanför syns utsikt över Stockholm.
A black and white portrait image of Maria Lundin Osvalds. She is looking straight at the camera.

Maria Lundin Osvalds

Maria is a Swedish multimedia journalist and photographer living in Cornwall, UK. She is local to both London and Stockholm, and has a keen interest in sustainable travel journalism.

StoryTours written by Maria:

Patrik Jutterström

Patrik is a writer, climber and sales manager who still has his heart in Uppsala but lives in Stockholm. He wants his StoryTours to be fun and engaging and likes it when the guide grabs the steering wheel towards some unexpected destinations.

StoryTours written by Patrik:

Photo: Frida Tall

Monica wiksten gideonsson

Monica is a journalist and published author based in Lycksele. She enjoys storytelling and loves sharing her knowledge of local history and folklore.

StoryTours written by Monica:

Do you want to become a storytour creator?

We are always on the lookout for new creators, maybe you are one of them?

If you want to share a story from your local area and have storytelling experience, feel free to reach out to us! You don’t have to be a professional writer, some of the creators we work with are game designers, podcasters and tour guides. The important part is that you know how to tell a good story.

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