Solve a case with Sherlock Holmes

A self-guided audio tour game in London based on a Sherlock Holmes adventure.

2.6 km
Start location
Close to Brook Gate in Hyde Park
End location
221B Baker Street
1.5 hour(s)
Age rating

99 kr

A unique Sherlock Holmes audio tour experience

This exciting Sherlock Holmes audio tour game guarantees a fun London experience. Put your detective hat on and get ready to solve this classic case!

Have you ever heard of the Blue Carbuncle? Dr John Watson sure hadn’t, until one evening when he happened to witness a very curious assault in Hyde Park. Suddenly, he found himself to be in possession of the carbuncle; a precious blue jewel. As a result, he had to turn to Sherlock Holmes, detective extraordinaire, for help.

Dr John Watson will be at your service in this self-guided audio walking tour. He has heard rumours that you aspire to become a detective and is ready to put you to the final test. Dr Watson will tell you the story of the Blue Carbuncle, take you to the locations in London where the story takes place and help you through some serious puzzle-solving detective work!

Self-guided and interactive

This StoryTour, based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle”, guides you from Brook Gate of Hyde Park to the Sherlock Holmes statue and museum in the iconic Baker Street. It doesn’t matter if this classic story is one of your favorites, or if you have never read it before – we promise you an experience out of the ordinary either way! On your walk to Baker Street, you will be using your skills of deduction, as well as feeling the pulse of London. The tour includes stops at famous landmarks, where clues leading you closer to the culprit will be hidden in your surroundings.

The StoryTourist app will show you the way

To walk this tour you’ll download the user friendly StoryTourist app. The app is equipped with a map, GPS and a digital guide which will make sure you walk in the right direction. Once you have purchased the tour it is yours to keep. You can use it at any time and as many times as you wish.

Listen to Sherlock’s story while you are chasing the thief who stole the blue jewel. Once you have finished this tour you will have solved the case of the Blue Carbuncle. Maybe you’ll even be ready to call yourself an accomplished detective?

Join us and step into the story!

How this tour works:

Your smartphone is your guide on this tour! Once you have purchased a tour, this is what you do:

  • Download the StoryTourist app from Apple App Store or Google Play, while connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Log into the app using the same email address you filled in when purchasing the tour. You will create your password the first time you log into the app. The tour you have purchased will be ready to download in the tour library once you have logged in. Make sure you are still connected to Wi-Fi while downloading the tour.
  • Go to the starting point of the tour, open the app, put your headphones on and head out on your StoryTour adventure!

Important information:

  • This is a location based experience. You have to be at the tour starting point in Hyde Park, London to start this walking tour.
  • Once the tour is downloaded to your phone, you can use it offline.
  • There is a map, GPS and a digital guide in the app, making sure that you’ll walk the right way.
  • This tour is currently only available in English.
  • Once you have purchased the tour, it is your to keep. You can use it whenever you want and as many times as you would like. You can start, pause and end the tour whenever you would like.
  • This tour is pet friendly – feel free to bring your dog on this walk!
  • Public transport is available close to both the tour start point and end point
  • This tour is accessible for wheelchair users, but please note that some parts of the tour have high pavements and uneven surfaces.
  • We recommend this tour from ages 12 and up, due to dark themes of the story.

What to bring:

  • Your smartphone, with the StoryTourist app and the tour you purchased already downloaded. 
  • Headphones, for the best possible listening experience
  • Make sure that your smartphone battery is fully charged. If you know that your phone has poor battery capacity, it can be a good idea to bring a powerbank as well.

Brook Gate, Hyde Park

This is where the Sherlock Holmes StoryTour starts

Animals in War Memorial

Dr Watson brings you to this memorial to solve a puzzle

Grosvenor Square

On your way to this historic square you'll hear the story of how Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes crossed paths with a stolen blue jewel

Brown Hart Garden

At this tranquil spot, you'll solve a puzzle that reveals the possible suspects of this story.

St. Christopher's Place

Solve a letter puzzle in this pretty little alley.

Wallace Collection Museum

Solve a mysterious cypher here.

Chiltern Firehouse

You finally catch up with the culprit and solve a puzzle that reveals their name!

The Sherlock Holmes statue

Dr Watson needs your help to correctly assemble the Sherlock Holmes statue.

221 B Baker Street

You reach the home address of Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes, and listen to the last piece of the story. What does the culprit have to say?

Locations you'll visit on this tour:

  • Hyde Park
  • Animals in War Memorial
  • Grosvenor Square
  • Brown Hart Gardens
  • St. Christopher's Place
  • The Wallace Collection Museum
  • The Sherlock Holmes Statue
  • 221B Baker Street
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