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A split screen of a narrow street in Visby, and of a hand holding a mobile phone. On the screen is an animated image of a white and grey cat.

The Battle of Visby

Join Sigge the cat for a walk through Visby in 1361. The Danish king Valdemar Atterdag and his army are marching towards the city, and local farmers are gathering outside Visby's city walls in attempt to defend it against the invasion.

Stupid Stockholm

A funny history walking tour through Stockholm's Old town area. Join Glenn the ghost on a walking tour unlike any other as he tries to figure out why his soul is stuck in Stockholm, even though he - as a person from Gothenburg - despises the Swedish capitol. Listen to Glenn's story as he guides you through the many failures of Stockholm history. Maybe you can help him escape being stuck in stupid Stockholm?

A split image with a ghost on one side and a closeup of a mobile phone on the other side. On the phone screen is a puzzle of a torn document

A Malmö ghost story – Dance of the Dead

A self-guided walking tour through central Malmö, based on the true story of Karna Möller and the hauntings of Kalendegatan.
In the 1730’s, brewery owner Per Nilsson Möller decides to remarry when his first wife Karna dies. A short time later, Karna starts haunting the brewery and the family home. Go on a ghost walk through Malmö and take part of Karna's story through sound, images and gamification.

The Stockholm Witch Trials

A self-guided walking tour through Stockholm’s Södermalm area, based on the true story of Malin Matsdotter and the Stockholm witch trials.
In the late 1670’s, a group of children and young maids spread panic amongst the citizens of Södermalm with their witchcraft accusations and Blockula games. Twelve-year-old Gertrud's neighbor Malin Matsdotter was one of the accused. Gertrud wants you to come with her on a walk through Malin’s story.

This image is split in the middle. On the left is a portrait image of Wendela, with dark hair and a blue dress. On the right is a smartphone screen, with an illustration of Wendela's bookcase

Upptäck Wendelas hemlighet i Stockholm

En självguidad stadsvandring genom Gamla stan i Stockholm. Upptäck berättelsen om journalistpionjären Wendela Hebbe och den hemlighet hon gömde.
När Wendelas man flyr utomlands efter ett misslyckat bedrägeriförsök, tvingas hon skapa ett helt nytt liv för sig själv och parets tre döttrar. Prästdottern vänder 1800-talets normer ryggen och flyttar till Stockholm med barnen för att starta en karriär som skribent. Hon charmerar snabbt kultureliten och får anställning på Aftonbladet, men på stan skvallras det...

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