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Two images, where the first is an illustration of Dr Jekyll holding a glass of red liquid in front of his face. In the second image, a person who is on a walking tour is holding a smartphone in their hand. On the screen, a puzzle is visible

Experience the horror of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in London

A thrilling audio tour game based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s short story “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde”. An ambitious journalist who has uncovered the unbelievable story of the shapeshifting doctor, will guide you through the streets and alleys of the Fleet Street and Temple area on this chilling tour. You have to keep your eyes and ears open, as several clues, interactions and puzzles are hidden in your surroundings, just waiting for you to find them.Will you be able to unveil the horrible story of Doctor Jekyll and his alter ego Mr Hyde?

Two images, the first one is an illustration of The Little Mermaid sitting on her rock, looking out at the sea. In the second image, a person on a walking tour is holding up their smartphone. On the screen, a puzzle is visible

Experience the story of The Little Mermaid

An exciting audio tour game in Copenhagen, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale. The narrator of this self-guided audio walking tour is Frederik, a Danish StoryKeeper eager to share the adventure with you. Together you will explore some of the most famous sights in Copenhagen and solve puzzles hidden in your surroundings, which will unlock parts of the mermaid’s story. Along the way, you will collect pieces of something of great importance to the mermaid, and in the end – maybe you can help her to put all those pieces together again?

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