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FAQ - Before you buy a tour

In this section, you'll find the most frequent questions about what to consider before buying one of our tours

Yes, you do need to be on location. This is a location based, digital tour that utilizes the surrounding environment as part of the experience. You will not be able to start the tour unless you are physically present at the starting point of the tour.

You can find the starting point of each tour on our website, or in the StoryTourist app. On our website, pick the tour in our menu and take a look at the “Meeting points” tab of the tour, you will find the address and a map of the location. In the app, you’ll find the starting point in the description of the tour. In addition, once you start the tour in the app you will be provided with the exact address and an image of what the starting point looks like. As soon as you reach the address of the starting point you will be able to start the tour.

You will need to buy one tour per smartphone. You could share headphones if you like, but for the best possible listening experience we recommend that each participant use their own phone. Once you have bought a StoryTour, it is yours to keep, in case you want to re-experience it later.

No. Our tours are outdoor activities. Our philosophy is that you should be able to take one of our tours at any time of day, and at any day during the week. Because of that, all of the StoryPoints are located in areas that are possible to access at any time.

You need to bring a smartphone with the StoryTourist app and tour of your choice downloaded to your phone. We recommend that you download the app and the tour while connected to Wi-Fi. Remember to bring headphones and to charge your phone before starting the tour. For smartphones with a reduced battery capacity, it can be helpful to bring a power bank.

We always include an age recommendation for each tour on our website and in the app menu. Some of our tours are based on classic literature, where the language might be difficult to comprehend for young children, and some tours deal with themes and topics that might be scary for children, such as crime scene investigations or death.

Please check our website for information about wheelchair accessibility for each tour. Some of our tours are accessible for wheelchair users and some are not, due to stairs, cobblestone streets and high sidewalks.

Our tours are self-guided audio tours, but the script that the narrator reads from is also available in text form in the app. We want to make all users aware that large parts of the story is narrated to you while you are walking. If you choose to read the text instead of listening to the story, we recommend that you stand still while reading. This will affect the experience of the tour, but it will be a safe option compared to reading and walking at the same time.

Check our website, or in the app, for more information about the language options for the different tours. To date, some of our tours are available in English and some in Swedish. We are currently working on making more language options available to our customers.

All of our tours are outdoor activities, where you are able to keep distance to people around you. The equipment used is your own smartphone and headphones. You can choose to walk a tour by yourself, or with family or friends. We ask you to please adhere to all local regulations issued by the government in the country where you are taking part of a tour.

FAQ - Buying a tour

In this section, you'll find the most frequent questions about how to buy one of our tours, or how to download or start it.

You can buy a tour either on our website, or in Apple App Store or Google Play. 

On our website: Pick a tour from our selection (remember that you have to be at the location of the start point of the tour to be able to start the tour). Pick the correct number of participants, including yourself, and press “Checkout”. Fill in your email address, as well as the email address(es) of any additional participants. It is important that you fill in a unique email address for each participant, as this email address will also be the username of their personal StoryTourist account. Fill in your name and confirm your email address. If you have a promo code to use, fill that in as well and press “apply”. Press “continue” and check the box of terms and conditions. Press “Confirm booking”. You will now receive two emails, one with a booking confirmation and another with a password for your StoryTourist account. If you can’t find the emails in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Download the StoryTourist app and log in using the password sent to you. Your purchased tour is now ready to download within the app.

In Apple App Store or on Google Play: Download the StoryTourist app from Apple App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android. Create your StoryTourist account and log in to the app. Pick a tour from the menu (remember that you have to be at the location of the start point of the tour to be able to start the tour) and press “Purchase”. Follow the in app purchase instructions. Your purchased tour is now ready to download within the app.

Please check your spam folder. Sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes before our booking system registers a new purchase. If you still haven’t received an email, please let us know by contacting us at info@storytourist.com and we will try to solve the issue as quickly as possible. If you already have a registered StoryTourist account, you don’t have to wait for an email. Simply log into the app and press “Refresh inventory”, and the tour you have purchased should be ready for download.

Each participant needs their own account and password in the StoryTourist app. Please make sure that you fill in a unique email address for each participant when purchasing the tour. The email address will be the user name of each StoryTourist account. If you filled in the same email address for several participants when purchasing the tour, please contact us at info@storytourist.com and we will help you to correct the error.

You can only use a promo code when purchasing a StoryTour on our website. When in checkout, fill in the promo code in the drop-down field in your cart summary, and press “Apply” to activate the code.

FAQ - Experiencing a tour

In this section, you'll find the most frequent questions about how to use the app, issues you might experience when using the app, or changes you wish to do to your StoryTourist account

The app automatically saves your progress. When restarting the app, simply head back to your last location in the story and press “continue” from the main menu.

To zoom out; pinch the screen with two fingers. To zoom in, make the opposite motion.

You rotate the map by placing one finger on the screen and then dragging your finger in a circular motion.

Yes, just press the settings button in the top right corner and then choose “Chapter Select”. From there you can choose which StoryPoint you want to visit. For the best possible StoryTour experience we recommend you do not skip StoryPoints though.

Some of our tours include some tricky puzzles or assignments for you to solve, especially the detective themed tours. You can always choose to skip a puzzle if you don’t want to solve it. It will not affect the rest of the tour in any way. Just press the question mark icon at the top of the screen. Doing so will give you a hint on how to solve the puzzle, and by pressing this icon twice you will get the option to skip the puzzle.

While logged into the app, press the little avatar in the top right corner to view your profile. Under “Settings” you will be able to adjust the volume.

Restart the app and try again. If this issue persists the reason might be that the Wi-Fi is not working properly.

Press “Refresh inventory”. If that doesn’t work, try to delete and reinstall the app. If you still don’t have access to the tour, contact us at info@storytourist.com and we will try to help you.

Make sure your GPS is switched on, that you are outside in an open space and that the location permissions are enabled for the StoryTourist app. Unfortunately, GPS can sometimes be affected by things we can’t control, such as tall buildings and magnetic fields. In those cases, it won’t be 100% accurate.

This may be a problem with the compass built into your device. To calibrate the compass move your phone in a figure eight motion 3 times.

The map service we use occasionally will fail to send us all the tiles required to build the map of the tour area. You can reload the map by restarting the app. This requires you to have a Wi-Fi connection. Another solution is to clear all of the download data from within the app profile page and download the tour again. It is preferable to have access to Wi-Fi when doing this.

While logged in to the app, press the little avatar in the top right corner to view your profile. Scroll down and press “Change password”.

While logged into the app, press the little avatar in the top right corner to view your profile. Scroll down and press “Remove all downloaded data”. All downloaded data will then be removed from your phone, but you can always download and access the tour again whenever you want.

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