About StoryTourist

The award-winning StoryTourist app combines great audio storytelling with patent pending navigation technology and gamification. The result is a brand-new, self-guided experience where history and fiction come to life in the world around you.

Our mission

At StoryTourist, we want to turn the world into a playground for the imagination.

Our team of storytellers, game developers, artists and marketing professionals partner with independent creators and great brands to create amazing immersive experiences based on books, films and historical events.

A StoryTour is an accessible, fun and affordable way for both locals and tourist to discover of the world around us. We aim to tie reality and story together, to create an immersive experience unlike any other. 

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More than just an audio tour

Immersive media

We use audio, music, sound effects, images, text and video to tell our stories, and not only on the stops – the audio stays with you while you are walking.

True gamification

A StoryTour is a mobile game disguised as a guided tour, with real puzzle games.

Exclusive content

We partner with the IP holders of famous works of fiction to create official tours where everyone gets paid their fair share.


You can download the tours on wifi and do them offline, and if you want to pause and continue your walk later, the StoryTourist app will guide you right back.


Our tours are written and narrated by professional writers and voice actors.

Intelligent navigation

Finding your way is easy with our map, GPS, audio cues and patent pending guiding system.

What our customers think:

What our partners think:

A testimonial image which says: StoryTourist has collaborated with us and Ystad Studios Visitor center in a very professional manner while creating the Wallander StoryTour. The tour is a much appreciated activity for bort Swedish and international visitors in Ystad. Marie Holmström, Head of Tourism in Ystad.


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