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Have you ever heard of the Blue Carbuncle? Dr John Watson sure hadn’t, until one evening when he happened to witness a very curious assault in Hyde Park and suddenly found himself to be in possession of the precious blue gem. Luckily, he could turn to Sherlock Holmes – detective extraordinaire – for help.

Dr John Watson will be at your service in this guided walking tour – he has heard rumours that you aspire to become a detective and is ready to put you to the final test. He will tell you the story of the Blue Carbuncle, take you to the places in London where the story takes place and help you through some serious puzzle-solving detective work! 

This StoryTour, based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle”, will guide you from Brook Gate of Hyde Park through Victorian streets and alleys, where you will be collecting clues as well as feeling the pulse of London, to the Sherlock Holmes statue and museum in the iconic Baker Street. Once you have finished this tour you will (hopefully) have solved the case of the Blue Carbuncle and will be ready to call yourself an accomplished detective.
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