Do Copenhagen like a Dane – how to look like a local

Do Copenhagen like a Dane. To us, a succesful day of traveling is when a local at the train station asks when the next train leaves, or when someone on the street asks for directions to go somewhere. 

Yessssss, apparently we look like locals!

Here are five tips on how to do Copenhagen like a Dane and blend in with the locals.

Hang out with the bros’

Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Østerbro that is. Nørrebro for the multicultural influences and flavors, Vesterbro for the hipster vibes and the craft beers, and Østerbro for the family friendly calm. Pick a bro and spend the day.

Go biking

Considering that the city is very flat, and bike lanes are everywhere, it’s also a very easy and scenic way to get around when the weather is nice. You will find bike rental shops in every part of town, we can recommend Baisikeli on Vesterbro. Don’t forget your helmet and please follow the traffic rules religiously – as the Danes do. If you are on foot – make sure to NEVER wander into a bike lane or to cross one without looking both ways first!

Have smørrebrød for lunch

Danes will put pretty much anything on top of dark rye bread, and it will both taste and look amazing. You can’t leave Copenhagen without having tried this danish delicacy. There are a countless number of restaurants which are specialized on smørrebrød, but for a quick (and inexpensive) fix we recommend Hallernes Smørrebrød at the Tivoli food hall, and for a more exclusive experience you could visit Aamands 1921

Have dinner with a Dane

In their homes! Through the project Meet the Danes you can actually find a host in Copenhagen who will invite you to dinner in their home. Register at the website to receive more information on how to go about things.

Get outside

Drink beer close to a body of water. As all Scandinavians, Danes will make sure to carpe diem when the sun is out and the temperature will allow for sitting outside. If you want to hang out with the locals on a warm summer’s afternoon, buy a six pack of beer at the local Netto and head for the water.


The Little Mermaid Tour

Are you a fan of H. C. Andersen and would like to se town from his perspective? Check out our Little Mermaid tour.

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