The new Lund StoryTour is out now!

Step into the true story of a 200-year old murder with “Locus Peccatorum – House of Sins”, our new audio walking tour. Travel back in time and explore the central parts of Lund, accompanied by your very own virtual guide!

How it all began

“I will walk around until midnight. I am going to walk myself tired so that I can sleep”. This is what Jacob Wilhelm Blomdahl tells a classmate that he happens to run into on the street late one night in September of 1829. Little does that classmate know that this night will end in tragedy.

The story of Locus Peccatorum begins when two students arrive from the Gothenburg area to study at Lund University in 1825. Four years later, a murder has been committed and the student body organization has been forever changed. Do you want to know more about what happened? Step into the story and travel back in time for a walk through Lund as it was two hundred years ago.

Your virtual guide and narrator will show you the way

The self-guided audio tour ”Locus Peccatorum – House of Sins” invites you to explore the central parts of Lund together with Malin, a criminology student at the university. Once she started reading about the 1829 murder, she couldn’t let it go. Instead, she started digging through university and court documents as well as local history books, to find more information about the tragic event. Malin is your virtual guide on this tour, listen to her tell the true story of what happened while you follow her to the locations in Lund that are essential to the story.

The backgrond of the image is a black and white photograph of the Lund cathedral. In front of it is a drawn image of a young, blond woman with her arms crossed
Interact with old photographs and discover what Lund used to look like

Through the StoryTourist app, you will be able to interact with photographs and excerpts of original documents that are hundreds of years old. The app will show you what the city used to look like and what the lives of the people involved were like. Slowly but surely, the story of theology students Andreas Emanuel Landén and Jacob Wilhelm Blomdahl will be unfolded. Malin will tell you all about how a local washerwoman was the one who uncovered who both the murder victim and the perpetrator were, and how the laws at the time demanded that it would be the university staff who acted as both jury and judges in the upcoming murder trial.

The only thing you need to be able to step into the story of Locus Peccatorum – House of Sins is a smartphone with headphones. Travel back in time and experience Lund in a brand new way with us!

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Download “Locus Peccatorum – House of Sins” for free this month!

Would you like to step into a story and get a new perspective on familiar surroundings? From 24/2 to 24/3-2021, you will be able to download this tour for free.

To claim your free StoryTour, visit Storytourist  and proceed to checkout. Fill in your name, email address and the promotion code LOCUSSOCIAL. Press apply.  Check your email (including the spam folder). You’ll receive two emails – one with a receipt and one with login details. Download the StoryTourist app in App Store or Google Play, log in and download the tour. If you already have a StoryTourist account you don’t have to wait for an email after the purchase, just log into the app and press “refresh inventory”.

Please be aware that this tour is available in Swedish only at this time, it will be released in English as well later this spring. You have to be present at the tour starting point in Lund, Sweden, to be able to experience this tour. All of our walking tours are social distance friendly experiences, but we ask that you please adhere to all rules and regulations issued by the Swedish government in regards to Covid19.

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