Special offer: step into a captivating story this February break

Not skiing this winter break? Step into a story for an equally thrilling February break activity. StoryTourist offers self-guided walking tours based on famous works of fiction in Stockholm, London, Copenhagen and Ystad – and you can try them for free.

February break activity – step into a story and get a new perspective 

Get a new perspective this February break. With a self-guided walking tour, you get to step into a captivating story while experiencing familiar surroundings from a new perspective. What’s more, the tours have interactive elements, games and puzzles, that bring the story to life and offer an immersive experience.

Solve a murder with Wallander in Ystad

Based on Henning Mankell’s short story The Death of the Photographer, this tour is an interactive experience where you take on the role of a police detective recruit on the streets of Ystad. A photographer has been found murdered at his studio and Kurt Wallander is called to the scene. Why did the photographer have an album filled with photographs of public figures with manipulated faces? Why is his widow reluctant to talk to the investigators? During the tour, you follow the murderer’s way through Ystad while collecting evidence that will eventually reveal who’s committed this violent crime. The Wallander walking tour is available in Swedish and English.

Two images, the first one is an illustration of Doctor Gabriel Glas. His face is obscured. In the second image, a person who is on a walking tour is holding a smartphone. On the screen, a puzzle is visible
Experience Doctor Glas’ Stockholm

Experience the Swedish capital from the perspective of the troubled doctor in Hjalmar Söderberg’s acclaimed classic Doctor Glas from 1905. The tour will take you through the historic parts of Stockholm including Old Town, passed the Royal Palace and the governmental buildings, and finally to Kungsträdgården and the place where the story dramatically ends. This tour gives you a new perspective on Stockholm. Though photographs and animations, it lets you experience the Swedish capital by the end of the 19th century. The Doctor Glas tour is currently available in Swedish.

An exterior picture of 221B Baker street with a black door and the windows of the museum next to it.
Walk in the footsteps of the world’s most famous fictional detective in London

This StoryTour is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1892 short story The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle and lets you solve a mystery together with the world’s most famous fictional detective. It takes you from Brook Gate of Hyde Park to the Sherlock Holmes statue and the museum on Baker Street, and you’ll experience both the pulse of London and the puzzling intrigue of this classic detective story. The Sherlock tour is available in English.

Two images, where the first is an illustration of Dr Jekyll holding a glass of red liquid in front of his face. In the second image, a person who is on a walking tour is holding a smartphone in their hand. On the screen, a puzzle is visible
Step into the chilling story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on the streets of London

The tour based on Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde takes you through the area of Temple and Fleet Street while you listen to the chilling story of the good-natured Dr. Jekyll who turns into the monstrous Mr. Hyde at night. Both a guide and a game, the tour ties the fictional story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to reality to create an immersive experience that lets you discover both the buzzing British capital and one of country’s most famous works of literature. This walking tour is available in English.

A woman in a yellow coat is holding up her smartphone, on the screen you can see a sketch of the building she is standing in front of
Discover H. C. Andersen’s Copenhagen through The Little Mermaid

Experience H. C. Andersen’s classic tale of love and longing in the Danish capital. The tour takes you from Kongens Nytorv, and the theatre where H. C. Andersen worked as a teenager, via Nyhavn and out to Langelinie and The Little Mermaid statue. Interactive elements and puzzles, where you collect pieces of information along the way, will eventually unlock the little mermaid’s story on a tour that lets you discover scenic and historic parts of Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid tour is available in English.

Great deals on this February break activity

Would you like to step into a story and get a new perspective on familiar surroundings this February break? From 23/2 to 7/3-2021, all the StoryTours are available free of charge.

To claim your free StoryTour, visit Storytourist, pick the tour of your choice and proceed to checkout. Fill in your name, email address and the promotion code WINTERBREAK. Press apply.  Check your email (including the spam folder). You’ll receive two emails – one with a receipt and one with login details. Download the StoryTourist app in App Store or Google Play, log in and download the tour. If you already have a StoryTourist account you don’t have to wait for an email after the purchase, just log into the app and press “refresh inventory”.

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