Solve a case with Sherlock Holmes

A self-guided audio tour game in London based on a Sherlock Holmes adventure.

2.6 km
Start location
Close to Brook Gate in Hyde Park
End location
221B Baker Street
1.5 hour(s)
Age rating

99 kr

Read this in — English

This tour is not available in Svenska

Read this in — English

This tour is not available in Svenska

Brook Gate, Hyde Park

This is where the Sherlock Holmes StoryTour starts

Animals in War Memorial

Dr Watson brings you to this memorial to solve a puzzle

Grosvenor Square

On your way to this historic square you'll hear the story of how Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes crossed paths with a stolen blue jewel

Brown Hart Garden

At this tranquil spot, you'll solve a puzzle that reveals the possible suspects of this story.

St. Christopher's Place

Solve a letter puzzle in this pretty little alley.

Wallace Collection Museum

Solve a mysterious cypher here.

Chiltern Firehouse

You finally catch up with the culprit and solve a puzzle that reveals their name!

The Sherlock Holmes statue

Dr Watson needs your help to correctly assemble the Sherlock Holmes statue.

221 B Baker Street

You reach the home address of Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes, and listen to the last piece of the story. What does the culprit have to say?

Locations you'll visit on this tour:

  • Hyde Park
  • Animals in War Memorial
  • Grosvenor Square
  • Brown Hart Gardens
  • St. Christopher's Place
  • The Wallace Collection Museum
  • The Sherlock Holmes Statue
  • 221B Baker Street
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