Our new Swedish tour
The Doktor Glas Stockholm audio tour

Hello Stockholm – we are coming for you with a Doktor Glas Stockholm audio tour!

After a Little Mermaid walking tour in Copenhagen and a Sherlock Holmes tour in London, we’re returning home to Sweden for our next release. Which we teased on social media earlier today by posting this pic:

This riddle might be a hard one for non-Swedes to solve – but some of our followers managed to guess it. Our next tour will be called “StoryTourist: Doktor Glas” and is based on Hjalmar Söderbergs novel from 1905.

The Doktor Glas tour will be available in Swedish only. It’ll trace Doktor Glas’ footsteps around Stockholm during one fateful, very hot summer around the turn of the century.

The Doktor Glas Stockholm audio tour will be released for iPhone and Android in October. As usual, it’ll be completely free to download and use during the release period!

So, why Doktor Glas?

Well, Hjalmar Söderberg was one of the most notable writers in Sweden during the 1900’s. His novels, short stories and plays still engage and inspire many readers more than a hundred years later. Söderberg was also known for his detailed depictions of Stockholm – something we hope we’ve managed to convey in the tour. We invite you to travel back in time, to experience Stockholm before it was crowded by cars, during the time of horse-drawn trolleys, women in big hats and men dressed in suits with matching waistcoats.

Here is a small sample of what will be found in the app
The places of the tour

The Doktor Glas tour will start close to Klara Kyrka on Norrmalm, by the building where Hjalmar Söderberg imagined that Doktor Glas lived. It’ll then take you to Helgeandsholmen, Gamla stan, Skeppsbron and Kungsträdgården.

While our previous tours have plenty of puzzle elements, this tour will be different. This time we’re using old images and custom-made animations that leta you compare present day Stockholm to the past, and to visualize what’s going on in Doktor Glas’ mind – as he is making some life-altering decisions. 

We hope you will join us for a walk in Stockholm this late fall!

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