The Suffragettes of London and the Violent Fight for the Vote
A black and white image of a street in Holborn, London. In the foreground is a young girl holding up a sign that says votes for women.

Did you know that during the early 1900’s, a London-based organization smashed windows, set fire to buildings and placed out bombs in public areas? Their slogan was “Deeds, not words” and their goal was to make sure women gained equal voting rights. With the StoryTourist app, you can travel back in time and step into the story on the locations in London where it all happened.

The Suffragettes of London

This story begins in 1906, when Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel, Sylvia and Adela moves from Manchester to London. Three years earlier, Emmeline had co-founded WSPU (Women’s Social and Political Union) with her daughters and a group of like-minded women. Their goal was equal voting rights, and in order to make a political impact they needed to be closer to Britain’s political center; London.

Once settled in London, the Pankhursts get to work. They rent a space in Holborn to use as the movement’s headquarters, and start enlisting new members. At first, they arrange protests and rallies, but it soon becomes clear to them that they need to do something that forces politicians and the general public to pay attention to their cause. Eventually, the suffragette slogan “Deeds, not words” take on a life of its own… 

An interactive experience

The Suffragettes of London StoryTour is a self-guided audio walking tour through the Holborn area of London. By using the StoryTourist app, you will be able to take part of the story on location. A digital guide, GPS and a map make sure you walk in the right direction. Each location you visit was of importance to the suffrage movement.

Listen to the story while you walk between locations. Each time you reach a new place, something interesting pops up on your mobile screen. It can be photographs from the protests, fun little puzzles or sound clips. You will be able to interact with whatever is on your screen, while the narrator gives you more information about the location where you are standing.

Someone is holding a smartphone. On the screen, a portrait of a woman is visible.

Explore London's Holborn area

This walking tour starts in close proximity to the Holborn tube station; on the corner of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is the largest public square in London. You’ll explore the area surrounding the London School of Economics and Political Science, as several buildings which once housed the suffragette movement is part of the school campus today.

A man is sitting on the curb outside St Clement Danes Church, eating his lunch. It's a sunny day.

The tour also makes stops at the Peacock Theatre, St Clement Danes Church, and outside the Royal Courts of Justice. In fact, once you finish this tour, you only need to walk across the street if you want to try our Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-themed StoryTour!

Practical information

The Suffragettes of London StoryTour is available in English. The walking tour route is 1,8 km long and the tour takes about one hour to finish. We don’t recommend the tour to children under the age of nine, since the story mentions acts of violence. To read more about the tour, or to purchase it, you can click here, or visit your app store:

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