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StoryTourist is  a new way to travel and experience books, films  and other stories at the very spots where the action takes place – a bit like Pokémon Go for stories! All over the world there are StoryTourists who read novels instead of travel guides when planning trips, trace author’s and film maker’s foot steps through foreign cities, and pilgrimage to 221B Baker Street and other temples of fiction.

Maybe You are one of us?

We have created the StoryTourist app, where books and other stories become treasure hunts in the city, the forest, or wherever the storyline takes us. Imagine solving crimes with Sherlock Holmes in London, stepping into Kafka’s Prague and explore Transylvania with Dracula. You can read, listen to audio tracks, watch film clips, play with Augmented Reality effects, and share your experience on social media.

Join us, and step into the story with StoryTourist!